Advanced quotation software

HiveCPQ allows you to easily create advanced quotations. Our configurator validates product compositions and calculates prices completely automatically.

As an installer or distributor, you do not have to worry about keeping the price lists up-to-date, your suppliers take care of that for you. You will, of course, get transparent insight into the adjustments made by manufacturers.

Advanced quotation software

Advanced but not complicated

The HiveCPQ software lets you select products from a user-friendly product catalogue. The structure is very similar to that of a webshop. The selected products can be configured once you have selected them.

Advanced but not complicated

Are you selling products from different manufacturers?

Contact us and connect HiveCPQ with your suppliers. We will work with them to make their product ranges available to you in HiveCPQ.

You can also add your own products or delivery and installation costs to HiveCPQ.

Contact us to discuss your project
Are you selling products from different manufacturers?

Different suppliers, same app

You can add products from different suppliers in one project. When ordering, Hive will split the order and send it to each manufacturer individually.

Different suppliers, same app

Create good-looking quotations with one simple click

HiveCPQ allows you to upload your own template (logo, fonts, layout, sales conditions…). After your products have been configured, the creation of a quotation can be done with one simple click.

And your quotation will look amazing! It contains your company data, a 3D visualisation of the configured product and up-to-date technical specs. All you need to close the sale!

Placing your orders, seamlessly online

Once you have persuaded your attractive quotation, everything is ready to order the products online.

You do not have to retype or re-enter any data. This way, we increase efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes!

Placing your orders, seamlessly online

Track your orders

You are able to track the status and expected delivery times for your orders with HiveCPQ. The suppliers provide information like CE-certificates, delivery notifications, invoices and more.

Track your orders

Spare parts system for after-sales service

However good the quality may be, every now and then something breaks. It is often not easy to identify and order the correct spare part from the supplier.

HiveCPQ allows you to easily order the right spare parts from your supplier.

By means of product identification, exploded views, photos and dynamic validations, we ease the identification of all spare parts.

Spare parts system for after-sales service
Dirk Wouters
President at Entrematic
Doing business online makes both manufacturers and customers more efficient. It has become a key aspect to the success of our business.

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